Friday, October 26, 2007

Rush Credits Huckabee with Best debate statement on Hillary

First, I want to make sure I'm quoting Rush Limbaugh correctly; unlike the Bizarro-World mis-quotes that resulted in the infamous "Harry Reid smear letter." I invite readers to check my accuracy at this link ("Rush Recaps the GOP Debate" or for Rush 24/7 members, this link)

In discussing the the GOP debate shown Oct-21 on the Fox News channel, Rush was involved in enlightening his audience about how the various candidates handled the Hillary question. As part of that, he played audio of Mike Huckabee's view on a possible Hillary Presidency:

Huckabee: "There's nothing funny about Hillary Clinton being president. Let me tell you why. If she's president, taxes go up, health care becomes the domain of the government, spending goes out of control; our military loses its morale, and I'm not sure we'll have the courage and the will and the resolve to fight the greatest threat this country's ever faced in Islamofascism. We've got an enemy that wants to kill every last one of us. We cannot be soft. We must be strong. We'll sign crazy bills like the Law of the Sea Treaty and give away our sovereignty, and that's why with all the fun we're going to have talking about it, there's nothing funny about Hillary being president."

Rush then interjected how, at an event in Philadelphia the previous Thurday, he paused in a "riff on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats" to query the audience about frustration over wanting to hear such statements from Republican presidential candidates; and how that resulted in a standing ovation. He then continued with;
"Well, now all of a sudden, we're starting to get from these candidates the kind of statements that reflect the views of people who are going to vote for them, one of them who wins the nomination. You know, rather than the policy wonk stuff. This was the best one of the night last night..."

As far as I know, Rush Limbaugh has not declared support for a particular candidate. However, it speaks very well of Huckabee to see that "the Doctor of Democracy", at least in this instance, likes Mike!


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Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee is the man who SHOULD be President. God has given us this chance - YES, something good can come out of Hope, Arkansas!