Sunday, October 21, 2007

Harry Potter author joins the Raising Citizens for Sodom movement

JK Rowling has now joined the ranks of those who want to destroy the moral fiber of our youth. She revealed this on Friday, Oct 19 when she declared she had long ago decided to make Dumbledore, Harry's primary mentor in her popular "Harry Potter" fantasy novels, a homosexual.

The Harry Potter series has already been under fire by some, such as Georgia mom Laura Mallory, for promoting a fascination with magic, witchcraft and possibly opening the door to indoctrination in pagan religions such as wicca. At least in that regard, parents sensitive to the issue can easily see that magic is a primary theme of those books. They can then make their own informed decision about whether such is benign or poses a significant spiritual threat to their children.

Rowling's admitted long-term plan for homosexuality in such a central character is a now-obvious stealth move to indoctrinate children to her view on the acceptability of homosexual practices. She does this by way of making the character in question one to be admired, long before revelation of the abominable practice. Can there be any doubt that she uses this stealth approach because she expected it would have resulted in many parent choosing not to purchase Harry Potter books, had her whole agenda been apparent from the beginning. In fact, she seems to have even hidden this from her publisher, a representative of which was quoted in USA Today as saying "That's the first time she's brought that up."

This type of betrayal of the innocence of childhood is a reprehensible attack on the family and on morality in general. This is the type of thing that paves the road to Sodom and Gomorrah for our children. I would include in this group not only things such as "Will and Grace", and "Queer Eye...", but also "Girls gone wild", preoccupation with the misbehaving "it girl" of the moment, and the way of life promoted by the MTV crowd in general. All those have grave implications for our society and all represent behaviors that we should teach our children to avoid. Homosexuality is not the only brick in that road, but public acceptance of homosexual practices as part of the mainstream is an obvious sign-post that we are, as a society, walking the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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