Thursday, October 11, 2007

Huckabee accused of believing in God

In Rush Limbaugh's list of "Undeniable Truths of Life", #23 is this; "Evolution cannot explain Creation."
On June, 5 at the New Hampshire Republican debate, Mike Huckabee made his position on this Truth very clear, although I'm sure the source of his convictions on the matter came from a source infinitely greater than Limbaugh's list.
Even though an event four months past seems old news to some, it seems to me to have been made more timely by the following.
  1. A recent announcement from Dr James Dobson (of Focus on the Family fame) that if the Republicans nominate a pro-abortion candidate, such as Rudy Guiliani, religious groups with whom he works may call for a third party run in opposition.
  2. A more recent statement from Mike Huckabee to the effect that those who share his pro-life and pro-family position should concentrate on supporting a candidate, in the primary, who has worked for those goals; rather than focusing efforts against a candidate who hasn't. Huckabee also indicated he had absolutely no interest in a third party candidacy.
  3. Anecdotally, the excitement that continues to be generated in conservative Christians when shown the "Huckabee on Evolution..." video , versus their lack of excitement on hearing of Dr Dobson's announcement or subsequent interviews.
Getting back to the original issue:
The moderators in the aforementioned debate asked Huckabee whether he believed in Creation as described in the Bible, and after he answered the question affirmatively, firmly and brilliantly, they focused the question even more narrowly in an attempt to embarrass him. In both answers, the former Governor of Arkansas showed that he understood the real point of the questions. As part of Mike Huckabee's answer to the initial question, he said "the basic question...asked...whether there is a God or not." Yes! Shockingly, though not surprisingly, they were trying to make fun of him for believing in God, and to disqualify him as a Presidential candidate on that basis. (video)

The Secular Humanist media simply wanted to trap an eloquent, strong, conservative candidate into a short sound bite confirming belief in a literal six-day divine creation. They wanted it for presentation to an audience largely educated in public schools. Schools that teach the "molecules to man" version of evolution with religions zeal, and that to deny random chance as the source of all things is intellectual heresy!

The "dirty little secret" of Darwinism is that, while modern science finds many examples tending to confirm the evolutionary nature of variation within existing species; a growing mountain of scientific discovery points to the absolute impossibility of random universal evolution as an explanation of the "Origin of Species" no matter how many millions or billions of years one assumes.

I would say the debate moderators were, by proxy, making fun of anyone who believes that this wonderfully complex universe, including our world and ourselves is the result of Divine Design rather than a random accident with no plan and no purpose. I applaud Mike Huckabee for seeing through their intended deception and getting to the heart of the matter. Again to quote Mike Huckabee; "To me it's pretty simple. A person either believes that God created this process, or believes that it was an accident, and that it just happened all on its own."

If you are new to the fact of true scientific challenges to the theory of random universal evolution, as presented via Darwinism; I suggest the following as just a few good points of introduction to this vast and growing body of scientific knowledge.
  • "Icons of Evolution" - by Jonathan Wells: Dr of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • "Darwin's Black Box" - by Michael Behe: Professor of Biochemistry
  • "The Case for a Creator" - by Lee Strobel: Author, Journalist, well-known former-Atheist
  • Northwest Creation Network - creation science mega-site (It includes some great free video downloads and presentations via their menus. click [Education], [Free Downloads], [Videos])

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