Thursday, January 3, 2013

A better response to the "Fiscal Cliff".

Washington has a spending problem, and yet they decided the best way to avoid "The Fiscal Cliff" was to raise taxes, and not really cut spending by more than a negligible token amount. Even in their tax increase, they gave more special tax-breaks to their crony campaign contributors, in the form of tax credits.

The FairTax is an idea that we need to revisit. That and cutting spending dramatically.

Back in action

Just a quick note, for now. After a long, long break from posting, I feel the need to get back into the discussion, whether or not anyone listens; or even notices.  There are many short summaries of thoughts on the current tragedy of the Washington Elite lording over "We the People" I could post which would be seen by many as extremely inflammatory. Despite how extreme the current circumstances are, I'll at least make an effort to be more measured in my statements.