Monday, October 22, 2007

Huckabee gets over twice the votes of next nearest Republican in FoxNews poll

In a FoxNews text-message poll following the Florida Republican debate Sunday night; Mike Huckabee was far and away the winner, at more than double the votes of the next-nearest Republican, Rudy Giuliani!
    OK, by some technicality; Ron Paul, an obvious Libertarian, has been able to group himself with Republicans. Standing on a platform built more of splinters from, rather than planks shared by the Republican party, he managed to get even more votes than Mike Huckabee. But to echo an observation that Huckabee himself has made more than once; It's not surprising considering that Paul gets all the Libertarian votes and then the Republican vote is split among the actual Republicans. I'm sure numbers would be just as strangely skewed, if there were one Democrat in the Republican debates, or one Libertarian or Republican in the Democrat debates. In any of these cases, votes are included that should simply be part of a different equation. At least in 1988, Ron Paul was honest enough to run as the Libertarian candidate for President. If he would only show the same degree of honesty today, we wouldn't have this ridiculous statistical confusion.

In any case, Mike Huckabee got about 27% of the votes, with 11% going to Rudy Giuliani. Looking at those results; I don't see how anyone could still hold that Giuliani is the pre-annointed Republican candidate, much less continue to deny that Mike Huckabee is a (if not the) "top-tier" candidate. That includes those in the liberal media who would like to see a Rudy vs Hillary election, basically rigged to have a social liberal on both sides.

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