Friday, January 4, 2008

Rush Seems Concerned About "Christian Conservatives"

In an earlier post, I charged that Rush Limbaugh seemed to be showing lack of concern for issues of concern to those often referred to as "Values Voters" or "Christian Conservatives". This was based on Rush's continued statements against Mike Huckabee.

My opinion of Rush's motivation has changed after a statement Rush made the night of the Iowa caucus. He made a statement to the effect that Democrats want to face Huckabee because of their fear and/or hatred of "Christian Conservatives"; and their hope that they could defeat Huckabee as the embodiment of the "Christian Right", and thus forever eliminate "Christian Conservatives" as a political force.

I now think Limbaugh believes Huckabee would be very likely defeated by the Democrats, and his loss would indeed marginalize "the Christian right." Especially after talking to Rush on his show today, I think he's actually very concerned about "Christian Conservatives", just as much as he has concern for the whole of Conservatism.

I originally called Rush yesterday (yes, one really can get through on that number he gives on air), and told his call-screener that I thought one of the big reasons people were supporting Mike Huckabee was the feeling that our "Christian Conservative" issues were not being taken seriously enough by the GOP. That they talked about them in campaigns, but that there wasn't enough follow through. The call-screener said it was a good comment for the show and raised a topic Rush would want to cover.

I'm really grateful to Rush and his staff. Even though Rush ran out of time and couldn't take my call yesterday; they actually took my number and they called me back today so the topic could be covered. This, along with the respectful way Rush dealt with my comments, really showed his concern for our issues. [Here is the link to this on Rush's site: -link-*]

I was given several minutes on the air with Rush, who in all fairness did point out some significant things Republicans have done on Family Values issues. While I acknowledged them, I pointed out that they were in lower profile areas than things such as a Marriage Amendment that gets bigger media attentions; and insisted issues rather than simply "identity politics" was a big draw for Huckabee.

There was even time to include the fact that although Huckabee often leads with a Populist message, he has real Conservative solutions. When I said I just wish Huckabee would emphasize his conservatism rather than letting it get lost behind the Populist lead-ins; Rush reminded me that this is just the beginning of the race and it remained to be seen whether it might play out that way.

In any case, I regret that I previously jumped to what now seems an obviously wrong conclusion about Rush's motives. Even so, I still disagree with his current take on Huckabee. I think Huckabee's support is based primarily on issues and not in "identity politics."

I may have been mistaken about Rush's motive, but he is the one who's dreadfully wrong about Huckabee; and I still think
Rush Limbaugh is Sawing a Leg Off Reagan's Stool!

Hopefully as the campaign plays out Mike Huckabee will use some of the additional media exposure he's receiving as winner in Iowa to shed more light on his underlying conservatism; and maybe even change the mind of Rush Limbaugh.

*[There is one small error in the transcript on Rush's site. The transcriber thought I said "and once I was told incorrectly", when discussing Fred Thompson's opposition to a Federal Definition of Marriage Amendment. I actually said "unless I was told incorrectly".]

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sukeylu said...

Rush Limbaugh doesn't change his mind- he is so ego-driven and stuck in the past with Reagan that he can't see straight,and he wants there to be constant division and partisan fighting in this country- he is so out of touch with the average person, it isn't funny- it's almost a sickness he has. He doesn't believe the average person isn't concerned about their paychecks, job loss, ever rising gas prices, mortgage concerns, etc., etc., etc., he's too busy spending time on the golf course with his rich buddies and having cocktail parties in his Florida DON"T count on him changing his mind- his ego is WAY TOO HUGE!!

Anonymous said...


papa10 said...

If Rush is sincere, why is he trashing Huckabee? I have heard many misrepresentations on his program and no longer even listen. I have turned him and Sean off. If Rush really wants the truth, he should interview Mike on his program. If Mike is a phoney, let Rush expose him. If I hear he is going to be interviewed, I'll turn on the radio and listen.

Vradic said...

I'm not saying that Rush has suddenly "seen the light". I think he is absolutely wrong about Mike Huckabee.

If you read my original post on Rush "Sawing a Leg Off Reagan's Stool", you'll see I agree that Rush is more financially focused.

I just think it's a matter Rush not taking the the time to search out Huckabee's real conservative solutions, along with being more money focused; rather than being motivated by an actual disdain for Family Values issues.

I'll add links to relevant articles at the end of my post.

Thanks for your comments!

missouir conservative said...

Rush stepped over the line today when he stated that he felt a large portion of the Iowa voters for Huckabee voted for him because they were told too. That is an insult to every Christian in America.