Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Eerily Silent About Roe v Wade

Rush Limbaugh has historically been pretty good about pointing out the degree to which abortion is a fundamental pillar of liberalism. But today, on the 35th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, he seemed to be eerily silent on the subject.

Is it possible that I just missed it? Please tell me Rush couldn't possibly have spent his entire show talking about Fiscal issues and political gamesmanship, on the 35th anniversary of a decision condoning the killing of thousands of babies every year.

Is it possible that Rush has intentionally avoided the issue, because he knows the only candidate in the presidential race who has been a steadfast champion for the unborn his whole career is one Rush has been doing his absolute best to work against? Despite the rhetoric of some of the other campaigns, one can't honestly deny that Mike Huckabee is the only candidate left standing who can lay claim to that title.

The only other reason I can see for Rush ignoring this date is that he really doesn't care about the abortion issue, and he only sees it as relevant when using it as a tool to attack liberals. Even from that perspective, it helps explain his vehement (and frequently false) attacks on Mike Huckabee. After all, Huckabee has the audacity to put issues like the Right-to-Life and the sanctity of marriage out in front, instead of giving them lip-service, like many Republican politicians.

On this 35th anniversary of one of the darkest days of American history, Mike Huckabee makes a statement that includes:
"Today is the 35th anniversary of a great American tragedy, the Roe vs. Wade court decision that has led to the loss of millions of innocent lives. These children were denied the right to life our Constitution grants to everyone in America, only because they had yet to emerge from their mother’s womb. As President Bush noted today, America is better than this.
I support and have always supported passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the right to life. As president, I will fight for passage of this amendment."
Protection of the unborn and efforts such as passage of a right-to-life amendment to the Constitution have, of course, been recognized as part of conservatism and of the Republican platform since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh; supposed bulwark of conservatism and "Doctor of Democracy" says:
If Limbaugh did specifically mention "Roe v Wade" even in passing, then I apologize for mis-characterizing his woeful lack of emphasis on the subject, as completely ignoring it.

The only thing I heard, that even qualifies as a near-reference, was when he listed "abortion" as one of the debate topics typically brought up to Republicans, but which are not asked of Democrats. I don't even consider that a discussion of the issue of abortion, but rather of political gamesmanship.

Although Rush typically has a daily audience of millions, I sincerely hope that today, people will listen instead to Mike Huckabee; and stop the slaughter of the innocents.

Here's a link to a really good Pro-Life article called "We Won't Go Away."

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Quiverdaddy said...

When Hannity supported Arnold against McClintock in California, I began to suspect his blather about right to life was merely pandering to a base of listeners he needed to hold on to.

Whith Limbaugh and Hannity now shilling for Romney, I'm convinsed that's the case. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingrate are still making a play at sounding pro-life even as they push for the Romulan.

I've lost interest in Talk radio because they've lost touch with their listeners. Look for an articulate Huckabee supporter on these shows... you won't find one. If someone does get on, their screeners make sure the person representing a dissenting view is too nervous to make sense, or worse, is just not a representative of the thinking class.

Talk radio is no longer the independent voice of the forgotten majority. As Limbaugh said after he took credit for the Gingrich revolution, he's "the majority maker", taking a compliment from the new Gingrich Revolutionaries to heart and never letting go of it since.

I have no use for him or his wannabees. I tune in to get a quick refresher course on what establishment propaganda sounds like and then return to the difficult task of thinking for myself.