Friday, February 29, 2008

While Hope Still Lives

Although it seems a foregone conclusion that John "Z-Visa" McCain will get the Republican nomination for President; Mike Huckabee still battles on. I had thoughts as to why that is, but had the reality of it crystallized when I was privileged to be on a blogger conference call with Governor Huckabee yesterday.

I had already formulated two reasons I thought it made sense for Mike to stay in the race. First, simply to keep his conservative concerns in front of the American people. From the right-to-life to energy independence to "The FairTax" to American sovereignty; no-one is a better advocate for re-energizing the conservative movement than Mike Huckabee.

The second reason I thought of was more pragmatic. As long as Mike stays in the race, he can still receive campaign contributions. If the current conventional wisdom that McCain has the 2008 nomination in the bag proves to be true, I expect Mike Huckabee to run again in 2012 to replace whichever of the Democrats is in the White house after beating McCain. (Although either Hillary the megalomaniac or Obama the even-more-ultra-liberal both scare the breath out of me; McCain is so uninspiring, I don't give him a chance against either of them) Mike can keep the funds he collects in this race as a head-start on the next, and I would expect him to.

Now, I think the two reasons I previously thought of are both good credible reasons; but listening to Mike Huckabee on the call yesterday, the real reason he's staying in the race struck me. He still has a chance to win the nomination. It may be, at this point, the slimmest of possibilities, but there is still a chance.

Mike simply believes so strongly in the principles on which he is running and is so dedicated to those principles that he is determined to fight while any hope of success remains, no matter how small. That's just one more example of what makes Mike Huckabee such a perfect model of doing the right thing because it's the right thing, and political expediency be hanged.

Mike's attitude about his campaign principles reminds me of Ronald Reagan's attitude about defeating the Soviet Union. Reagan was convinced the concept of Liberty endowed by our Creator would win over an inherently atheistic system of oppression, simply because it was right. It was only a question of when.

I believe in Mike Huckabee because I believe in both the principles he stands for and his commitment to them. I believe Mike Huckabee will be running for President in 2012, because he's exactly the kind of dedicated and inspiring man that we need running our country. So inspiring in fact, that I'm still holding onto the hope that in 2012 Mike Huckabee just may be running for re-election!


Conservative for President said...

If he were conservative he would have won the nomination. Fatal flaw: conducting identity politics and promoting class warfare (ie. "don't vote for the man who reminds you of the man you work for, vote for the man who reminds you of the one you work with).

Vradic said...

What flawed logic and lack of reality you have...
[quote]"If he were conservative he would have won the nomination."[/quote]
Are you claiming John McCain is conservative because he won? That's insane. McCain won because of two reasons.
1) Conservative talk radio echoed Romney's lies prior to the South Carolina primary, and never admitted they were lies.
2) The Republican party failed us by allowing Liberal Democrats and Liberal "Independents" to vote in the Republican primaries.

You are greatly mistaken in asserting Huckabee conducted identity politics and class warfare. Others conducted identity politics against him. And as to the "class warfare", you quoted him incorrectly and out of context. Further, what about quotes such as Mike saying we don't need a system that makes rich people poor, but one that allows poor people a chance to get rich? You must have missed that one.