Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Cry of the Far-Left-Loon

Although I actually moved to get out of Cynthia McKinney's (former) congressional district, I was most amused to see she recently announced her campaign for President, on the Green Party ticket.

McKinney is credited with being the first black woman to represent Georgia in the U.S. House. She is, however, most famous for her outrageous statements and behavior; such as her ubiquitous race-baiting, accusing George W Bush of having foreknowledge of the WTC attacks on 9/11, and striking a capitol hill police officer. Her Bush-hating 9/11 conspiracy theory alone should make her appealing to some of the "far-left-loons", who in recent years have been a mainstay of the Democrat party.

I found her campaign site at, and couldn't help but to immediately think of "run Forest run." The phrase is of course from the popular Tom Hanks movie, "Forest Gump"; in which the title character was fictionally given credit for, or interjected into some notable events in history. It was a masterful use of then-new video technology to paste Hanks into existing historical footage.

I expect that as Cynthia "runs", her only impact on historical events will be to draw a small percentage of those "far-left-loons" away from the Democrat party; splitting the socialist vote so we can get past the residual impact of the Soviet social meddling targeted at the baby-boomers. (that and being a source of amusement for rational voters)

Maybe she'll even serve as poster child for what's wrong with the Democrat party, and pave the way for a return to paths trod by those such as Joseph Lieberman and Zell Miller. Yes, many of their ideas are still a bit too liberal for my taste. But unlike the radical "bomb-throwers" that seem the Democrat norm under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, I can consider those such as Lieberman and Miller respected members of a worthy opposition.

If on the other hand, Democrats want to continue as "fellow travelers" along the path of the "far-left-loons"; taking a good look at Cynthia McKinney will give you a clear idea of their inevitable destination.

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