Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Candidate with Moral Clarity

On the Glenn Beck radio program today, he and Bill Bennett were discussing the Presidential race. After immediately dismissing the current field of Democrat candidates, Bennett said what we need most right now is a President with "moral clarity".

The Zig Ziglar endorsement of Mike Huckabee certainly describes a man who has moral clarity. Among other praise, Ziglar calls him "a man who's word is his bond." He also says Huckabee is; "a good person that knows where our country needs to go, and I believe he's been preparing all of his life, to take us right there."


When the presidential race initially started, I was somewhat distressed that while I saw a few who showed some degree of fiscal discipline; I didn't see a candidate who also had a clear record of integrity on moral issues. But that was before I discovered Mike Huckabee.

Now I urge you to take a look at Mike Huckabee; and if you also find him to be that man with moral clarity, please give him your support. Pass on this blog and the Huckabee website to those your friends. Please also use the "widget" at the top of this blog to go to the Huckabee website and contribute to his campaign.

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